Built For Bold

The U.S. Bank Stadium cover was a true copywriting test, considering it was a custom issue I was contracted to do for big-time clients: SMG and MSFA, organizations tasked with creating and running the stadium. So I needed to sell them on a number of things, including a clever tie to the stadium's brand on the cover. The U.S. Bank Stadium issue was published in the fall of 2016, coinciding with the stadium's opening. It won the Gold Award in the 2017 Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association (MMPA) Excellence Awards in the category of Single-Topic Issue for Business Trade Organizations.

Grow, Eat, Plan Green

Going green isn't just a trend in the meetings and events industry. It's becoming an essential part of each step of doing business. Our feature story on the subject of sustainability highlighted a lot of the hospitality side of the industry, so I wanted the cover to echo that. Plus, nothing beats a food cover when it's done right. This one was mouthwatering yet simple, with short but meaningful words that fit the shape of the clean, delectable dish.

Intimate Style

The Summer 2015 issue of Colorado Meetings + Events featured a story on small dinner gatherings. This was a rare cover format in which we were able to stick the cover line both smack dab in the middle of the page and between the people's conversation. In some instances, I could see that being a distraction, but I think it worked well on this cover do to the spacing and subtle font. The lights really made the image pop, and the expressions of the people helped give this gathering an intimate feel.

News Team Assemble!

The April 2012 issue of Maple Grove Magazine featured four broadcast journalists from rival stations who all call Maple Grove home. This issue fittingly came out around the same time that "Anchorman 2" was being promoted. Needless to say, this story was a blast. I met all four at a local Starbucks in Maple Grove and we dug into the thin line between reality and ridiculous when it comes to their profession and, of course, Ron Burgundy. I wanted the cover to really hit home for those who had seen the first movie, using Burgundy's rally cry "News team assemble!" But I also wanted the secondary line to stir the curiosity of those who haven't seen the original film.

Presenting the eMGy Awards

The June 2011 issue of Maple Grove Magazine took a new spin on our annual Best of Maple Grove awards. I decided to rebrand the awards as the eMGy Awards, and utilized a local trophy maker to create a custom handheld award made of maple wood, staying true to Maple Grove's roots. I chose the categories and the results came from an online readers' choice survey, which I had to organize and count. The winners were honored at an annual awards show.